Giants do not exist

Guatemala, 80’s. Andrés is 9 years old and very scared. He lives with Maria and Pedro, the man who killed his brother, one of the men who massacred all the women and children in his village. These are the worst days of the war.

He has survived, but he is afraid. Pedro’s wife, Maria, is also afraid, afraid to leave home, afraid to lose her new son… even Pedro is afraid, afraid of himself. Andrew wants to run away, or maybe not. He’s too scared to know.

Atlantia Media


Titanes is a program that shows thework and daily life of our developmentworkers in the field. From as close as possible andemphasizing the human factor of eachof our protagonists, each week wetravel to a different country with somekind of humanitarian alert, to get toknow first hand these Titans who knowno borders and make their work a wayof life and with it, make the world abetter place.