Sand Promises

Based on the novel by Laura Garzón, “Promesas de Arena”.

Lucía, our protagonist decides, at the end of her career, to join an NGO as a development worker. Her destiny: the Gaza Strip. What she will find there surpasses all her fears, and those of other young people, idealists like her, who accompany her on her adventure.

A story that leads us to live in our own skin eight years in the life of an unforgettable protagonist. Years full of friendship, horror, struggle, love, death and finally, hope.

Atlantia Media


Titanes is a program that shows thework and daily life of our developmentworkers in the field. From as close as possible andemphasizing the human factor of eachof our protagonists, each week wetravel to a different country with somekind of humanitarian alert, to get toknow first hand these Titans who knowno borders and make their work a wayof life and with it, make the world abetter place.