Victims of the Mystery

“Victims of Mystery” is a nine-chapter series that investigates some of the most surprising and mysterious murder cases in our country in recent years. Well-known cases such as the False Shaolin, the Catana killer or the Majadahonda cutter, and others less mediatic, but equally surprising.

All of them surrounded by a halo of mystery and enigmas to solve, sometimes by superstitions and ancestral beliefs. “Victims of Mystery” proposes a journey to research, curiosity and surprise.

Atlantia Media


Titanes is a program that shows thework and daily life of our developmentworkers in the field. From as close as possible andemphasizing the human factor of eachof our protagonists, each week wetravel to a different country with somekind of humanitarian alert, to get toknow first hand these Titans who knowno borders and make their work a wayof life and with it, make the world abetter place.