Who killed the soldier?

Wilber García, alias “EL CHAPÍN”, was the head of the Mara Salvatrucha in Guatemala. He now lives in Spain, has a Spanish passport, works in a bread factory, and lectures at social forums. “BROWN” is the current leader of La Salvatrucha in Guatemala. Both grew up together in the Mara.

“EL SOLDADO” was the boss of both until he was riddled with bullets. There are three theories about the Soldier’s death: that he was killed by the police, that it was the narcos, or that it was Mara herself. A few years after that event, El Chapín returns for the first time to Guatemala. Face-to-face, the last two bosses of the Mara. In between, a doubt, were they the ones who killed the Soldier?


Silver Dolphins

Adaptation of Félix García Hernán’s book “Delfines de plata”. A