Atlantia Media together with Alcalá Producciones we created Atlantia Media International, an area led by international producer José María González-Sinde.

Dedicated to offering production services for the development of international productions and co-productions with foreign countries.


  • Project development

Script research, concept development, financing search and initial planning.

  • Preproduction

Hiring of key personnel, selection of locations, costume and set design, schedule and budget planning.

  • Production

Coordination and execution of shoots, management of technical teams and actors, supervision of production design and problem solving on set.

  • Postproduction

Film editing, visual effects, sound design, audio mixing and any other process necessary to finalize the film.

  • Distribution

Planning and execution of distribution strategies, negotiation of agreements with distributors and promotion of the film.

  • Financing and legal services

Contract management, tax compliance and coordination of available financing and tax incentives.

  • Catering and logistics

Coordination of catering services for the team, transportation and lodging management.

Our goal is to continue reflecting an ever-changing society through high quality content both in the new audiovisual environment and in the future.

Spectators are our passion. Creation is our core.