Your whole life ahead of you


Pepa, Antoñita, Catalina, Esperanza, Kiska, Pepi, Remedios and Rafaela are
women from the Triana neighborhood, Seville, between 70 and 97 years of age.
age. All eight share a dream: they want to be stand-up comedians,
and claiming that women’s rights are not only a matter of
older women deserve respect and visibility. To this end,
have formed a company and staged a play “Orgullo Vieja”.
The film “Orgullo Vieja” will show the process of
the creation of the company, the rehearsals, the premiere in Seville and its
Andalusia and Spain in an adventure that will take you to the rest of the
will be an excuse to tell, in an amusing, emotional and
and close, the stories of a group of women, fighters and
who, in spite of their age, believe that it is never too late for
women who have spent their lives taking care of their children.
of others and now it is time to take care of them.
of themselves; women who are an example that if they, with 70,
80 or 97 years old can, any of us can.

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You can see everything they do on their Instagram: ORGULLO VIEJA (@orgullovieja) – Instagram photos and videos.