A cry for freedom


“A Cry for Freedom” is a feature-length documentary film.

Lorent Saleh, a young human rights activist, tells in first person how he was arrested and tortured by the Bolivarian intelligence services in the infamous prison known as “La tumba”. But the film does not end there, because beyond all the suffering and the ghosts that haunt him, Saleh continues to fight for democracy in his country.

In 2009, Lorent Saleh, together with other young people, created an organization to oppose the regime of Hugo Chavez. In July 2011, he was arrested by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), which imprisoned him in “La tumba”. A victim of torture and humiliation, Saleh resisted until he was expelled from the country in 2018.

In a remote village in Galicia, where he now lives with his wife and son, Saleh struggles against the traumas of imprisonment and torture – he rebuilds with wood the infamous cell in which he was held captive – while continuing day by day his work in defense of human rights in Venezuela, a country from which more than five million people have had to emigrate in recent years due to repression and misery.

European Parliament Sakharov Prize winner, Saleh is an example of resilience and commitment to democracy and freedom






Hernán Zin

Jorge Sanchez Gallo

Javier Linares

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Lorent Saleh


Hernán Zin


Hernán Zin

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