The Valladolid Controversy


“The Controversy of Valladolid” is an audiovisual project that aims to highlight a historical event that took place in Spain: the origin of Human Rights, a process that begins with the sermon of Montesinos in 1511 and, after an evolution of 40 years, marked by historical milestones such as the Laws of Burgos in 1512, the Ordinances of Granada in 1526 or the New Laws of Barcelona in 1542, culminates with the Meeting of Valladolid in 1550 – 1551. A milestone in the History of Human Thought,
However, it still does not have the relevance it deserves at the regional, national or international level.
Therefore, through this documentary with cinematographic components and framed within the historical genre, it is intended to show the transcendence of those events, placing the viewer in the historical context and recreating with all the creative, technical, acting and real locations of the historical debate.






Jorge Sanchez Gallo


Juan Rodríguez-Briso