José Luis López Vázquez

What nonsense!


Actor José Sacristán narrates the life of his friend and colleague José Luis López Vázquez. The story spans from his lonely childhood in Madrid in the 1920s until he received the Goya Honorary Award in 2005.
The son of a single mother, José Luis learns as a child that joy and happiness are momentary experiences. A lesson that, together with the experience of discovering actors like Groucho Marx, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, will mark the rest of his days, defining the starting point of a transformation that will take place almost at the end of his life, thanks to a late love.
The story unfolds among archival images and scenes from his most emblematic films, through the testimonies of those who were his closest companions, friends, family and admirers, exploring the reasons for his undisputed popularity, as well as the intimate relationship between his characteristic and enigmatic personality and his unmistakable and masterful way of embodying a vast range of characters that, from comedy, melodrama or tragedy, and under the orders of the most outstanding directors of Spanish cinema, have portrayed, in turn, the idiosyncrasies of the Spanish people in the 20th century.