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Rakuten TV premieres the second season of Discovering Canary Islands with Canary Islands Tourism

  • From January 26th, households in 42 European countries will be able to enjoy the program presented by Pilar Rubio exclusively on Rakuten TV.
  • Once again, eight explorers from different European countries will discover the secrets and charms of the Canary Islands in a reality show with a unique mix of diversity, adventure and emotions.
  • The adventure reality show is back Discovering Canary Islands original content from Rakuten TV , produced with the support of Canary Islands Tourism and with the collaboration of Initiative and Atlantia. The second season, presented again by Pilar Rubio, premieres exclusively and for free on Rakuten TV on January 26th.
  • After the success of the first season, in which eight contestants of eight different nationalities competed for the first time in a reality show, Discovering Canary Islands returns to the Canary Islands with 8 new influencers to continue the search for the mythical San Borondón. There are still many unusual places to visit and many stories to tell about the Wandering Island that appears and disappears in the Atlantic, always near the Fortunate Islands.
  • As they compete, the “explorers” will embark on a fascinating journey through all the islands of the Canary archipelago, from La Graciosa to the mysterious San Borondón. On this trip, they will combine competition with immersion in the rich Canarian culture and history, discovering the mysteries of the ancient inhabitants and exploring legends and folktales at each stop, starting in Lanzarote, passing through Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma and La Gomera and ending in El Hierro.
  • Pilar Rubio, will once again present this program that explores the most incredible and surprising myths of the Canary Islands where its 8 contestants will learn more about the local culture and traditions. A voyage of discovery, conceived and co-produced by Mediabrands Content Studio and Atlantia Media and with the support of Canary Islands Tourism, which, during 6 episodes, will be full of tests that will show the charms of the region to the viewers.
  • Discovering Canary Islands redefines adventure reality shows by being the first to bring together eight contestants from different countries. The program immerses participants and viewers in the local culture, using legends as a common thread. With eco-sustainable filming in the Canary Islands, featuring stunning locations on eight islands, the production has generated over 400 hours of footage to deliver a fast-paced and surprising family reality show.
  • For Canary Islands Tourism, betting on this novel action means continuing with an absolutely innovative strategy in the field of tourism promotion that has allowed the archipelago to enter the entertainment territory. With Discovering Canary Islandsthe public company of the Government of the Canary Islands has created an audiovisual asset made expressly for the brand and perfectly aligned with the most current trends in television consumption, which has earned it nine awards from national and international marketing and advertising professionals.
  • The profiles of the participants, all well-known influencers who will compete to be the best explorer in Europe:
  • Giuseppe Revisato, 25 years old and representative of Italy. He is a cruise ship entertainer and everyone knows him as “Peppe”. He is a fun young man and promises to liven up every stage of the competition. He is the father of one child, and is used to taking on responsibilities from a very young age.
  • Kim Wallin. Sweden. 56 years old. Passionate about fashion, he has been a model since the 90’s and is now considered a sexy mature man. It has been able to adapt to the new times and has a very modern style.
  • Dylan Evans. UK. 30 years. He is a star on Tik Tok with more than two million followers. Always with humor, he has made his videos go viral in minutes. It is a profile that brings a touch of madness to the program.
  • Deborah Vanlingen. Belgium. 31 years old. She has been a nurse for 10 years and a uterine cancer stopped her life in its tracks in 2020, at which point she decided it was time for a change. She currently has her own clothing line. She is very feisty, emotional and full of character.
  • Jane Karto. She is a 27-year-old Dutch actress who has participated in different series and movies in her country. In addition, she was in the military for several years and is a very fit woman. He is currently participating in an online program that has been running for 5 seasons where he has to face different challenges along the lines of “Survivor”.
  • Laura Nolan. Ireland, 29 years old. He has been competing in the world of dance since he was 3 years old. She is a true warrior who is not afraid of any challenge. She is friendly, competitive and strong. Five years ago she became a well-known face in Ireland thanks to the show “Dancing with the stars” where she has been working for 5 seasons and where she found love.
  • Sam Dylan. He is 32 years old and from Germany. She rose to fame after her stint on Prince Charming, which made her popular enough to become a regular on other German reality shows such as Big Brother VIP. He comes to Discovering Canary Islands with the intention of becoming an international star.
  • Cindy Miranda. She is a 25-year-old former flight attendant in the French armed forces. He has worked with the likes of French Prime Minister François Fillon as well as other senior military officials. After his career in the army he participated in Love Island, where his magnetic personality won the affection of the audience and the contestant who became his partner.
  • Next January 26th, the second edition of the Discovering Canary Islands will be added to the collection Rakuten Originalswhich presents Rakuten TV’s original, exclusive and free content in a total of 42 European countries, through stories of optimism, empowerment and diversity that reflect the company’s DNA.
  • The second season of Discovering Canary Islands will be available exclusively on Rakuten TV from January 26.

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