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An important international agreement has been formalized between SPN ENTERTAINMENT USA and ATLANTIA MEDIA PRODUCTIONS SPAIN.

This union marks the beginning of a path of collaboration for television and film productions between the Americas and Europe. A line of business that allows to generate an exploitation channel for different co-productions to be distributed in both markets.

SPN Entertainment is the new company founded by Universal Views TV to develop content creation and production of films and TV movies. Universal Views TV has been a reference for many production companies that have followed in its footsteps for more than 17 years.

SPN is backed by the talent and experience of great professionals who have achieved recognition in the world of communication.

At this initial stage we have already started working on the co-production of two projects that are well underway for the 2022/2023 season, “Nelson Montero” and “Glider Ride”.

This agreement represents a brilliant opportunity for the exchange of European productions in America as well as American productions in Europe.

NEWS (servicepn.com)

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