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Amparo Rivelles, executive producer, explains that its plot has a bit of everything.

Madrid. Today comes to La 1 Promesas de arena, a series of adventures and love in an exotic environment that will conquer the viewers. Andrea Duro, Daniel Grao and Francesco Arca head the cast of this fiction based on the novel of the same name by Laura Garzón. Promesas de arena is produced by RTVE in collaboration with Atlantia Media. Javier García Díaz, executive producer of TVE, has described Promesas de arena as a romantic series, classic but with women of today. The protagonist, for example, in addition to living a great passion, does not lose her references or her personality.

It is also a story of friendships between characters: Lucia and Fathia; Andy and Hayzam; Hayzam and Julia…. he added. Amparo Rivelles, executive producer of Atlantia Media, explained that the series has a bit of everything: love, intrigue, friendship and adventure.

We always thought it had to be shot outside to imbibe the Arabian atmosphere, and the cast has been very brave because they have adapted to the complications we could have in a place like that. The directors, Joaquín Llamas and Manuel Estudillo, agree that it has been quite an adventure, but an easy one thanks to the cast and crew, who were essential to carry out the work many kilometers from home, with language problems. 

They also highlighted the personal adventure with the Tunisian artistic and technical team and the fantastic work of the interpreters, as well as Francesco Arca’s great effort in speaking Arabic.

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