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I don’t think I have told you yet about an excellent program they do every Monday, Tuesday morning, on TVE-1. It is called Titans Without Borders. It has tiny audiences, inversely proportional to the quality and importance of what is explained there. A reporter and a cameraman travel the world in search of people who have left everything behind to dedicate themselves to helping the underprivileged. This week they were in Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world. There they found the admirable and surprising case of Mariángeles Carpio, a 47-year-old woman from Salamanca, who worked as a broker in Salamanca and Madrid and has been living in the Tanzanian area of Arusha for nine years. She said: “My husband is a Maasai. I saw him one day at the top of a mountain. I fell in love. We got married. And we have been together for seven years now. The reporter was amazed. And he asked her if there were any problems with her husband’s family. Mariángeles answered: “No, not with his family, but with mine! Ah! Beautiful case of love between the masai and the salmantina. It is the African version of that song by Ruben Blades, Ligia Elena – popularized here by the Orquestra Plateria – which in its first verse says: “Ligia Elena, the candid society girl, has eloped with a neighborhood trumpet player! So, in the case of Mariángeles, it was in the Masái’s neighborhood where she found her trumpet player.

The wonder doesn’t end there. He also said that in this tribe polygamy is a highly valued way of life. And she added: “But my husband is not a polygamist” . And she laughed with infinite satisfaction. Ah! Double merit for this husband: out of pure love for Mariángeles, he has not minded renouncing polygamy, even if it costs him to lose relevance in the tribe. The reporter met Mariángeles‘ grandmother-in-law, an 85-year-old woman in perfect health. He told us about the tragedy of the Maasai widows. When their husbands die, they are left alone and live on charity and alms. Mariángeles helps them by providing them with a goat. With a goat they are happy. The goat means to resist. These Titans without borders should be passed, by Royal Decree, in all the institutes of our country. Let the students become aware that there is another world in this world. An encore world. In it, 3.4 billion people, barely surviving, resist.

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