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On Rakuten TV arrives in exclusivity the first part of Eighteam, Estesa version, the multi-awarded documentary that recounts the long road to recovery, lasting 18 years, of the Zambian national soccer team: after the tragic collapse of the squad in a fatal airplane incident, their tenacity led them to triumph in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. Eighteam will be available exclusively in 42 countries on Rakuten TV, inside the free channel. “Rakuten Stories” dal 29 Ottobre.

This exciting documentary follows the career of the Zambian national soccer team, named Chipolopolo – “proiettili di rame” –   in the Bemba language – was the result of the tragedy in 1993 when 18 athletes from the team were killed in an airplane crash on their way back from the qualification match for the World Cup against Senegal.  Dismayed by this loss, the Chipolopolo’s disaster-stricken captain, Kalusha Bwalya, the rest of the team and the whole country are united to face their difficult destiny and rebuild a cohesive national team. Their journey led them to triumph in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. As a sign of destiny, the victory came 18 years after the tragedy, in the same country where the air incident took place and after a historic match ended at the end of a hard-fought match: 18, to be precise.

Directed by Juan Rodriguez-Briso, this 70-minute film collects the testimonies and memories of players, iconic players and people who knew the team, including the captain of the Zambian national team Chris Katongo, the former Zambia striker Herve Renard, the former President of the Football Association of Zambia Kalusha Bwalya and Italian players.

ni di fama internazionale come CiroFerraraMauro TassottiSandro Mazzola ed altri.  Eighteam  è stato premiato come Miglior Documentario in numerosi Festival, tra cui: African Film Festival (Nigeria); Silicon Valley Film Festival (United States); International Movie Awards (Indonesia); Minuto 90 Film Festival (Peru); and è stato selezionato nella Cannes Cinephile.

Eighteam is a documentary that shows how, in spite of the adversities and the numerous “no’s” that we receive in life, we should never give up and give up our dreams, because everything is possible as long as we believe in ourselves and have the courage to win.

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