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Andrea Duro, Daniel Grao and Franceso Arca star in this story based on the novel by Laura Garzón.

Promesas de arena’, a series of adventures and love in an exotic environment, arrives on La 1. Andrea Duro, Daniel Grao and Francesco Arca head the cast of this fiction based on the novel of the same name by Laura Garzón.

Javier García Díaz, executive producer of TVE, has described ‘Promesas de arena’ as“a romantic, classic series, but with women of today. The protagonist, for example, in addition to living a great passion, does not lose her references or her personality”.

Amparo Rivelles, executive producer of Atlantia Media, explained that the series “has a little bit of everything: love, intrigue, friendship and adventure“. “We always thought it had to be shot outside to imbibe the Arab environment, and the cast has been very brave because they’ve adapted to the complications we could have in a place like that.”

As for the cast, Andrea Duro explained that her character has “a very nice arc because at the end of the story she will be another woman, very brave and with a lot of courage”. Franceso Arca plays an ex-military man “with an unstable balance between good and evil, and his emotional journey will change him”. Daniel Grao gives life to a “very mental and analytical” man to whom “Lucía’s character (Andrea Duro) will act as a mirror”. And Blanca Portillo, without revealing the secrets hidden in the series, stressed that “beauty is also the protagonist. In a war environment, where everything is dangerous, a fantastic job has been done: each landscape, each shot… has strength and a delicacy that influences the lives of the characters”.

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