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Televisión Española premieres today the last remaining 70-minute episode series. ‘Promesas de arena’ is also the first production of Atlantia Media, a company founded in 2017 by Jorge Sánchez Gallo after his exit from Grupo Secuoya.

The series, which is presented as a romantic adventure, will focus on the story of Lucía (Andrea Duro), an aid worker who decides to work for an NGO in Libya while trying to escape her own problems. Love, the clash of cultures, friendship, the reality of an underdeveloped and chaotic country will be reflected in ‘Promesas de arena’, the free adaptation of the novel of the same name by Laura Garzón.

The filming of the series that replaces ‘Malaka’ on Monday prime time on La 1 took place during three months in Tunisia and also took place in Madrid, under the direction of Joaquín Llamas and Manuel Estudillo. Specifically, the port city of Sfax and the oasis of Tozeur served to recreate the fictional town of Fursa, where the action of ‘Promises of Sand’ takes place.

Andrea Duro, Daniel Grao, Francesco Arca and Blanca Portilllo head the cast of the series which also includes Thais Blume, Somaya Taofiki, Khaled Kouka, Marcel Borrás, Jairo Sánchez, Adil Koukouh, Ayoub El Lalli, Abdelatif Hwidar, and Kaabil Sekaali. Arab actors from Spain and Tunisia complete the cast.

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