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About Atlantia Media

Today we were able to be in the offices of Atlantia Media a production company that was born in 2017 but has its origins in the 90s. Amparo Miralles told our colleague Sergio Colón about the history of this great production company and gave us some clues about what they will bring to our screens…

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My husband is a Maasai

I don’t think I have told you yet about an excellent program they do every Monday, Tuesday morning, on TVE-1. It is called Titans Without Borders. It has tiny audiences, inversely proportional to the quality and importance of what is explained there. A reporter and a cameraman travel the world in search of people who…

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Amparo Miralles: “‘Promesas de arena’ is a very important project for Atlantia Media because it is the first series we produce”.

Televisión Española premieres today the last remaining 70-minute episode series. ‘Promesas de arena’ is also the first production of Atlantia Media, a company founded in 2017 by Jorge Sánchez Gallo after his exit from Grupo Secuoya. The series, which is presented as a romantic adventure, will focus on the story of Lucía (Andrea Duro), an aid…